Your Help Needed!

I need other student’s help in 2 areas:

  1. While I will be uploading information on programs I run across, I would also like to add any that you run across!  If you were part of a program or know of a program that should be added, put it in the comments or send me an email and I’ll try to put it up.

I will follow the same format for each post, so you can look at those already published to see the information I need if you have it.  Mostly it would be:

    • Name of the Host
    • Link to any site they have for that program if possible (I might be able to find it on my own though if I know who hosts it)
    • Level accepted (undergraduates & graduates?)
    • Area of study (Law, History, English, Business, etc.)
    • Countries Involved
    • Any eligibility limitations you know of (i.e. language skills; years of college, requisite courses, etc.)

BEWARE: I’m a student too so it might take me a bit to add it on though.

2.   If you have participated in a program linked on this website or know someone who has participated in such a program, we    need reviews from other students.  Please feel free to post anything you can tell us about the program, any problems or successes along the way.



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