SIT Study Abroad & SIT Graduate Institute

SIT Study Abroad & SIT Graduate Institute


  • World Learning:

“{A] nonprofit organization advancing leadership in more than 60 countries. . . . Founded in 1932 as The Experiment in International Living, the organization that would later become World Learning was inspired by Dr. Donald Watt’s simple idea to improve understanding across cultures and nations by sending US students abroad to expand their worldviews.  Watt, a former personnel director at Syracuse University, believed that instead of seeing themselves and their foreign peers as belonging to separate “categories,” these young Americans could “walk across differences,” build friendships, and lead the way to mutual understanding and respect between cultures and countries. . . . World Learning is on the ground in developing countries worldwide, working with AIDS orphans, trafficked children, women’s groups, and others, to build local capacity for change. The Experiment in International Living remains a key program within World Learning’s platform, and offers immersive cross-cultural exchanges to high school students. Today, SIT Graduate Institute offers a robust set of graduate and continuing education programs designed to meet the pressing need for trained professionals with the skills to address global issues.”



  • Multiple (On All Continents)


Details (Bold and Orange are the categories)

  • Study Abroad/Internship
  • Undergraduate/Graduate
  • Summer/Winter/Semester/Year
  • Area:
    • ALL


  • Varies–The Application Process is Extensive

Additional Notes:

  • Some positions fill fairly quickly as much as a year in advance, so speed is advised. 
  • Masters degrees are available in the Grad program.
  • Lot of emphasis on Peace, Diplomacy, Human Rights, and the Service Industries.
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid are available

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