Michigan State University: Maya Culture History Fieldschool in Belize

Michigan State University

Maya Culture History Fieldschool in Belize:

Caves Branch Archaeological Survey (CBAS) Project


  • Michigan State University 
  • Dep’t. of Anthropology
  • College of Social Science


  • Belize


Details (Bold and Orange are the categories)

  • Study Abroad/Internship
  • Undergraduate/Graduate
  • Summer/Winter/Semester/Year
  • Area:
    • Anthropology
    • Excavation
    • Archaeology
    • Geography
    • Architecture
    • Mapping
    • History
    • Mayan Studies
    • Research


  • All Students
    • 2.0 GPA 
    • Academic Good Standing
    • Completion of Personal Interview.

Additional Notes:

  • Students will be working in the field during the days; then doing lab work, classes, etc. at night.
  • The sites include one a civic-ceremonial center/excavation site and one cave where students will work as excavators and mapping out the area.
  • Includes tours in the area including some of ancient Mayan locations, the zoo, and archaeological centers.

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