Boston University: Padua Language & Liberal Arts Program

Boston University

Padua Language & Liberal Arts Program


  • Boston University Padua Academic Center
  • Universita degli Studi di Padova


  • Italy


Details (Bold and Orange are the categories)

  • Study Abroad/Internship
  • Undergraduate/Graduate
  • Summer/Winter/Semester
  • Area:
    • Year/Semester
      • Any from the University of Padua
      • Italian Art
      • Italian Renaissance in Tuscany
      • Italian Emigration/Immigration
      • Venetian Republic
      • Modern Italian History
      • Contemporary Italian Literature
      • Italian Music History
      • Italian Cinema
      • Jews & Christian in Italy: Historic Perspective
      • Italian Language 
      • Italian Translation
    • Summer
      • Italian Language 
      • Modern Italian History
      • Italian Renaissance
      • Music History
      • Love and Death in Venice (literature and philosophy)
      • Contemporary Italian Literature
      • Venetian Renaissance Art & Architecture


  • Both
    • Academic Good Standing
  • Semester/Year
    • Two Semesters of College-level Italian/ Equivalent

Additional Notes:

  • Summer
    • Students registering for third semester Italian will automatically complete fourth semester Italian too.  This allows them to complete the second year Italian in one summer
  • Semester/Year
    • Students can choose 1-2 courses from any of those offered by the University of Padua.
  • Both
    • Note that the prerequisites for languages increase depending on the class level chosen; first-semester Italian has no prereqs.
    • Students live with families in Italy.

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